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Unearthing Black Holes | Star Gazers

Join Trace Dominguez for a new LIVE virtual event “shedding light” on some of the darkest parts of our galaxy, black holes, along a panel of out-of-this-world experts. Plus take a look into the newly released image of the super massive black hole, Sagittarius A*! Get your black hole questions ready and join us online!

South Florida PBS

What is Light Pollution and How Does it Effect the Night Sky? | Star Gazers

Join host Trace Dominguez and a panel of experts to discuss light pollution and it's effect on star gazing. Learn where light pollution comes from and what we can do about it.

South Florida PBS

Star Gazers | Mission to Mars

Star Gazers brings you Star Gazers: Mission to Mars! An all-star panel of space experts will discuss what it takes to travel to Mars.

South Florida PBS

James Webb Space Telescope | Star Gazers

Join host, Trace Dominguez, and a panel of experts for a LIVE discussion on the amazing James Webb Space Telescope.


South Florida PBS

Earth's Wildest Telescopes | Star Gazers

Enjoy this discussion about how some of the world's most powerful telescopes can help us see all the way into another galaxy.

South Florida PBS

Star Gazers: To the Moon and Beyond

Enjoy this discussion on how the moon came to be, what lies on its surface and what the next moon landing could mean for future exploration.